About Us!

Hi guys! Pershauna & Cori here! We became friends in our college years and consider ourselves to be quite crafty and creative, after all, we both have degrees in the arts. This blog is a creative way to share our hobbies with you.  The collaborative blog will be full of fun, laughter, diy’s, and more. If you enjoy a good time, this is the blog for you!


Here is a little about us!


  1. I have loved crafting since I was practically born in the world. I watched my mom do it for ages.
  2. I am 24.
  3. I actually love cooking, baking, just all of it really if it is in the kitchen. Haha!
  4. I enjoy a good joke. If I laugh, it is a good day.
  5. I am a teacher…a music teacher.
  6. I visit Pinterest everyday and still misspell it for some reason.
  7. I enjoy physical activities such as running, yoga, and lifting weights.
  8. I am a dog person. (Sorry cat lovers!) Cats are total creeps.
  9. I am the person who listens to Christmas music as soon as Starbucks starts selling Pumpkin spiced everything! (You are the reason this world will burn one day. -Cori)
  10. I looking forward to the day that my friend Cori and I get to perform together again.:) (YAAAAS.:) -Cori)



  1. I have a degree in vocal performance from Arkansas State University. So yes, I hope to be a professional opera singer one day under the baton of my super talented best friend Pershauna.
  2. I am a dog mom to my cute little fur baby Zoey, who was rescued by my brother when he found her under a bush after one of the very rare Texas snows.
  3. I live in East Texas.
  4. I am a HUGE nerd when it comes to reading. I never leave the house without a book and I have turned that love into a book review blog that I maintain on my own. Come visit me! thebookwranglerreviews.wordpress.com
  5. I love trying new things, so this blog is a really awesome way to justify spending my paycheck on Pinterest ideas that involve crafts.
  6. I have a bucketlist with 346 items on it (and I’m always adding to it). I am destined to never finish it.
  7. I often spell Pershauna’s name wrong and I try to catch it before she sees it.
  8. I am addicted to sweet tea. Just like every other self-respecting southern woman.
  9. I am really good at dancing, but only when I am alone with the curtains closed and there are no mirrors in the room.
  10. I think I am funny.


We have known each other since we met in college through our music fraternity Sigma Alpha Iota and now life has torn up apart with adult responsibilities. One of us is sitting pretty in North East Arkansas while the other is a puddle of sweat in North East Texas. This blog is a way for us to do something together while we are 351 miles apart!

Join us while we work our way through the millions of pins on Pinterest to see what really works and what will turn into a disaster!